Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dick Cheney getting a face lift

It's an image I wish I never had to ponder.

Mind you, that's not the focus of Nora Ephron's piece, but she mentions the idea, and it will haunt me for days, I'm afraid.

What she does say is pretty interesting. Where, indeed, was Dick?

Like the curious incident of the dog that didn’t bark in the famous Sherlock Holmes story, Cheney’s the missing person in this event, and one has to wonder why. If he were a woman, I would guess he’d been busy recovering from a face-lift, but he’s not. So I can only suppose that something has gone wrong. Could the President be irritated that Cheney helped con him into Iraq? Oh, all right, probably not. Could Cheney – and not just his aides -- possibly be involved in the Valerie Plame episode? Is Cheney not speaking to Karl Rove? Does the airplane/bicycle incident figure into this in any way? And how is it possible that the President is off on vacation and the Vice President is too? Not that it matters that much if the President is on vacation; on some level, the President is always on vacation. But where was Cheney?

Just asking.

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