Monday, June 20, 2005

Is this the world you thought you were building? is a repository of uncensored, unedited documents of occupation and war. There's a great deal of carnage. The pictures, such as the one above by Chris Hondros (deleted, 11/27/07 at the request of Getty Images)
, will turn your stomach and bring tears to your eyes. But if you're like me, you have to know what's being done in your name.

From the web site, here is a little bit about why the people behind do what they do:
By showing the consequences of policies, Crisis Pictures demands viewers reflect on their values. The child in Fallujah, bleeding to death in their mother’s arms, the bulldozed home in a refugee camp in Gaza, the eight year old boy missing an arm in Liberia-, is this the world you thought you were building?

The “Crisis” in “Crisis Pictures” is in the heart of each and every visitor who is silent long enough to look in the face of the grieving. Either we are responsible for our fellow man (woman, child), or we are not.

We may have vastly different solutions for these tragedies. Crisis Pictures starts the conversation from the shared emotional understanding that tragedies like Fallujah are not just another bad day in the third world. They are about real people that are like you and we, not our leaders, we are responsible.

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