Monday, June 20, 2005

Conyers, the Post and the Prez

I still can't process the contempt oozing from every line of that Dana Milbank story about the Conyers forum. Conyers has of course written an excellent letter in response.

And a nice piece of context comes from Editor and Publisher, which contrasts media coverage of the forum with the grotesque suckup at last year’s black-tie dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents Association, in which Bush played his search for WMD for laughs, and all the journalists peed themselves laughing along with him.
"I was reminded of all this at the Thursday forum when former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, after cataloguing the bogus Bush case for WMDs and the Iraqi threat, looked out at the cameras and notepads, mentioned the March 24, 2004 dinner, and acted out the president looking under papers and table for those missing WMDs. “And the media was all yucking it up ... hahaha,” McGovern said. “You all laughed with him, folks. But I'll tell you who is not laughing. Cindy Sheehan is not laughing.”

This was the woman sitting next to him whose son had been killed in Iraq. “Cindy's son,” McGovern added, “was killed 11 days after the show put on by the president ... after that big joke.”

Dana Milbank, who seems to like a good laugh, did not mention this in his story the following day."

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