Friday, February 20, 2009

Dance Partay! Special Corner Cleaners Edition

First, the great Gainsbourg deadpans Chez les ye-ye, while his pal gets into it. Serge pulls a knife at some point, for reasons that are not apparent to me.

And here is one of my favorite (relatively) contemporary vids, the New Pornographers' "The laws have changed." Love the dance scene, and how the crowd's random thrashing suddenly becomes a choreographed number.

(Compare to the orginal dance party in Bunuel's "Simon of the Desert" (the last 3 minutes or so). Which is of course pretty great itself).

And finally. I find this vid, and this band, Sweden's Acid House Kings, strangely, hypnotically, soothing. Plus, the music is fantastically great, ever so tuneful, sweet and melancholy at the same time, like so much Scandinavian pop. I have no idea if there's some hidden context behind the twee sensibility. (Yes, she was doing the finger pistols at 1:25!)

Might they be closet deviants, like the Go-Gos, who in in their spare enjoyed a game that involved licking nasty toilet crannies?*

No idea. I don't really want to know. Just let me enjoy it.

* This is a band who, according to drummer Gina Schock in the book Rock Confidential, used to play a game called "Corner Cleaners," which involved sucking filth off the floor of rest stop bathrooms. I am not kidding. And if you think wearing a schoolgirl outfit in a video is "racy," check out this quote from lead singer Belinda Carlisle about the former L.A. club Masque, in the same book: "I had sex at the Masque; everybody had sex at the Masque. You just did. It was great. Everybody was making out with each other in the bathrooms—lots of girls with girls. Everybody was on acid. My thing was acid or MDMA."
-Note on footnote: my googling only turned this factoid up in one place on the Net, in a cached page no less, so I thought I'd better paste it in before it disappears down the memory hole.

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