Tuesday, January 17, 2006

America, fuck yeah!

"Instead of Zawahiri, the explosives landed on innocent villagers, including women and children."

McCain, the "moderate" sez: "This war on terror has no boundaries. We have to go where these people are, and we have to take them out."

"It’s a regrettable situation, but what else are we supposed to do?" sez potential Democratic challenger Evan Bayh.

Apologize, maybe?

Anyone else see something odd/way scary in the presumption that a single government can try to "take out" whoever it deems a terrorist—anywhere, anytime? Where to draw the line? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Italy? England? Canada?

Even if, practically speaking, this kind of shit didn't always have the opposite effect of the intended one, what kind of country allows extrajudicial, extraterritorial murder in its name? (Even if it struck its desired targets, it would be extrajudicial, extraterritorial murder.) How many deaths of innocent people is a tolerable number?

And that the U.S. government response to the outcry over civilians—women, old folks, and children—blown to bits and crushed to death under rubble is a curt "too bad"?

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